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How we work

Ethnic Chic presents a way of living where design meets natural beauty and traditional skills from ancient cultures.

Fusion decor creating unique home couture mirroring our own changing culture and our fascination with an ever changing world.

Let us help you make your home fabulous and a true reflection of you!!

Our amazing friends

The amazing brands which we represent on this site are a personal reflection of who we are and our distinct style.

With their characteristic originality and attention to detail they produce trend setting decor pieces which transcend the contemporary spirit and give them a sense of timelessness.

It is our aim to provide you with furnishings, lighting, fabrics and accessories for your entire interior decor creating a powerful and unique personal statement!

View our hand picked collection of exclusive brands representing a complete range of daring and imaginative home couture.

View our handcrafted interiors with a mix of natural beauty, culture and techniques