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Glamorous Residential, Amsterdam

Located in the city centre of Amsterdam, this elegant canal house is a rental home that we fully decorated from an empty place into a glamorous home. With an aubergine color palette as a base for all the layers, we tried to create excitement, sophisticated atmosphere.

Through playing with lots of warm, textured fabrics and stylishly curated contemporary furniture from special dealers, this interior design is where architectural details and dimensions are renewed with vibrant colours and bespoke furniture.

"Most furniture that we designed for this project is custom-made”
To be able to select all the colours and materials, we have to understand the client’s lifestyle. We have a lot of personal contact, which makes it possible to transform a space towards a highly custom and personal interior.
The bedroom for instance is dressed with custom bedside cabinets, headboard and canopy. Most furniture that we designed for this project is custom-made.

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